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Notice x Note x Wish List

This journal is mostly Friends Locked. :P

People who know me in real life:
1) Whatever rants you read on my LJ, STAYS on LJ, please.
2) I am generally not a phone person, so I'd prefer that you email me, unless it's an emergency or you're a girl(...) who will not take up more than half an hour of my time on the phone. ;3

Wish List:

- Anything with cherry blossoms/sakura on it.
- Anything Sailor Moon designed.
- Anything Card Captor Sakura designed.
- Hanbok (traditional Korean outfit)
French/Victorian dress (with the killer corset and poofy dress~)
- loli dress, gothic dress
- cosplay items, like wigs, etc...

+ You are always welcome to buy me cake or give me money. *dies laughing*

++ Oh, not everyone on my friends list know me in real life and I don't keep track of who reads or doesn't read my LJ.  So that's why I post everything that comes to mind and mention code-names for self-reference purposes. LJ is also pretty much the only place where I ramble and rant, mostly to myself and whoever's willing to read.


No more teaching x Moar Vocaloid!

Guys, I can't take it anymore. Today has made me realize something. I've discovered that I actually hate kids, and I don't want to be a teacher. Probably gonna head back to school and do another degree, possibly in Accounting. orz;;;;;

A month ago, I shared a few select Vocaloid PVs from the Evillious Chronicles. I can't believe I STILL haven't shared some of my other favourite Vocaloid vids from the same series! Here are some moar~ :3

The Madness of Duke Venomania (Venomania Kou no Kyouki)

The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka (Enbizaka no Shitateya)

Capriccio Farce (Chaban Capriccio)

Vocaloid - Story of Evil

It's Valentine's Day, so I thought I'd just make a random video spam post, haha. I'd wanted to share the love for the Story of Evil for a while now. There are several videos that go in chronological order, so here they are!

Daughter of Evil (Aku no Musume) - Vocaloid
Very interesting background story, reminiscent of Marie Antoinette.

Servant of Evil (Aku no Meshitsukai) - Vocaloid (Classic x Nico Nico chorus version) <-MOST SAD, BEAUTIFUL SONG, EVER. My heart cried bucketfuls for this one. ;A; "In most songs with Len, he either dies, or some how ends up a dress... In this song it was both. :l" <-SO TRUE. TAT

Story of Evil continuedCollapse )

There are other videos related to the Story of Evil, but I think I'll end it here; these were my favourite ones, and the most meaningful ones. :3

Jera and Shia's double b-day party

OMGGGGG, I'm so tired and sleepy, holy shit. orz||||| This week has been brutal. Due to being too tired, computer problems, and lack of time, I haven't had time to update in forever.

So, um, yeah. Last Friday(...) continued... After the horrible math class, I headed back into Richmond Hill via Kani-san(bless her soul), and suited up. I'd borrowed this idea from Annie, since she'd brought up the idea of suiting up for laser tag, but it didn't quite happen due to bad timing, so I suggested this idea to GADD. Jera-chan thought it'd be fun and was up for it, so I passed on the idea to the rest of GADD, who agreed to go along with it. Mind you, the planning of Jera and Shia-chan's b-day party took a week or so, with a lot of indecisiveness, confusion and wtfness as usual, but in the end, we came to a consensus, and it worked out.
That evening, Sun Min-kun came to pick me up, with Jera-chan in tow. I love how Sun Min wore black jeans instead of dress pants, so he really did look the part of a yakuza boss. XD XD We waited for the others in the parking lot at Laser Quest and wondered if everybody remembered to suit up and wear shades. I'd reminded profusely to suit up and wear shades, because I wanted to pull a GADD in suits group scene... Much to my delight, Chiya-chan and Zare-san had gone to the dollar store to get a pair of shades each, and Sun Min happened to have two extra pairs of shades for Jera-chan and Shunsui-kun, who didn't have their own. The rest of us had shades, kekeke. And so, the seven of us (me, Sun Min-kun, Chiya-chan, Jera-chan, Zare-san, Shia-chan, Shunsui-kun) gathered outside in front of Laser Quest, all in suits and shades... I told them my plan, and we followed through: We kept our shades on, made poker faces, walked into Laser Quest as a group, and stopped. Then, I turned around, nodded at the rest of GADD, and we all faced the counter and removed our shades while staring at the people at the counter. Their expressions were pretty funny!!!! I broke into a smile and said, "Actually, we're here for laser tag! 8D" <-HAHAHAHA. I swear, the sight must've been hilarious. A group of adults in suits VS two groups of children who were seasoned laser tag players... We got owned pretty hard, but whatever. It was a fun experience. *laughs* The suits, guns and whatnot reeeally reminded me of Gantz!!! I couldn't stop thinking about how the equipment room, the vest and gun, the area and the atmosphere just reminded me of Gantz. Of course, lots of picture taking in the Laser Quest lobby ensued.
GADD in Black - Like a BossCollapse )
After laser tag, we headed over to Kazan (a Korean restaurant) for teppanyaki. At this point, Rii-chan joined us~ She was the only one not suited up, only because I hadn't told her to, since I figured that she wouldn't be joining us for laser tag, and wouldn't want to suit up just for dinner. *laughs* This totally worked out for the photos, making for some pretty creative pics, later. ;)
We were all doing teppanyaki, so we each ordered our food... Our chef turned out to be the master chef of the restaurant; he did a lot of performing tricks that none of the other chefs did, and of course, his attire was different. He was hilarious. He trolled us a lot! While cooking, he trolled us four times. The first was when he was cooking eggs for the fried rice, and he threw an egg at Chiya-chan. She screamed and ducked, and then we realized that the egg was empty. Second time, he was cooking seasoning- Then he took one of the bottles and squirted it at Jera-chan. A long white stream that looked like mayonnaise popped out at her, and Jera's shocked expression was hilarious... The 'mayonnaise' turned out to be a long string of white rubber that was retractable(...), so the bottle itself was a fake! XD XD But yeah, the chef trolled Sun Min-kun next, and then Jera-chan again, later on. Talk about entertaining! 8D Oh, he stuck a candle in Jera-chan's fried rice, too. The meal was awesome. ^^
Lastly, we asked the staff to take out the cake that we'd brought in. I'm sooo glad that Sun Min was the one who ordered the cake, since it was perfect and delicious. He would know where to get amazing cakes~ ♥ When the staff brought out the cake, they'd stuck a few sparklers on the cake, so Jera and Shia blew them out together. While Jera-chan cut the cake, Sun Min told us about his comical cake story. Apparently, he'd retrieved the cake, and remembered belatedly that cakes needed refrigeration... So while doing errands for about five hours, he ended up being rejected by every single food place in terms of borrowing a fridge, each with a deadpan "NO". But non-food places like Staples and an appliance store(...) let him use their fridge. *laughs* And so, the cake arrived safe and sound~ It was a success. The cake tasted like Ferrero Rocher chocolate, tehe. Just thinking about it makes my stomach growl. *_* After cake time, we spent half an hour taking pictures at the check-in area of the restaurant~ Lots of lulz ensued. ;D

GADD yakuza at KazanCollapse )
Lastly, we went to Yonge Karaoke for some Japanese/English karaoke, and took more pics there... While leaving, we were walking in some shady-looking staircase area, so we decided that it suit our mafia look... And so, the last pic was full of GADD spontaneity, and turned out awesome, too. :3
Shady stairs for shady characters at Yonge KaraokeCollapse )
...I can't believe the double b-day party turned out so well!! Jera and Shia looked really happy, which makes me super glad for GADD's combined effort. I wish I could've gotten the girls a b-day gift, but I'd already pooled in money for the dinner, cake and karaoke('cause b-day members don't pay! GADD's tradition ftw), which equaled roughly $40, and after that, I can't afford to spend anymore, for the rest of the month. ^_T;;; <-bought buns for Bii-san and her family, chipped in for parking for Beka-chan and Kani-san...
Anyway. Best b-day party we've had in a long while now~ :D

GADD's Epic Beach Day

Ah, crap... The days flew by so fast, school starts tomorrow! FML. ._.,,,,
Erm, anyway, I really should hurry up and recap last Sunday's activities, before I fall behind even more. ^^;;;;

So yeah, last Sunday(21st), I had the best day in 2011 thus far. *laughs* Mind you, nothing can beat Anime North 2011, but that was in the span of three days, so really, Sunday 21st was amazing 'cause it felt like three days rolled into one.
Arrival at the beach x weird GADD poses x water sports x sandcastleCollapse )

...Aren't we awesome?!?! 8D 8D XD
It surprised Sun Min that GADD was actually doing normal beach activities, instead of something obscure, haha. After we took pictures with the castle, Sun Min, who was itching to destroy sandcastles that day, finally got to destroy the Kingdom of Splarta(with our permission, of course). I recorded him doing it. *cackles* It was hilarious. Running jump into the sandcastle, wild stomping, jumping, throwing sand everywhere, "NO MOAT!", splashing water out of the moat, "NO BRIDGE!", tossing the piece of wood into the waters, etc... Oh man... I'm so glad I recorded it. 8)
Now that the Kingdom of Splarta was no more, Chiya, Jera and I decided to parody Baywatch by running slow-motion from the beach and into the water, with Sun Min recording it all... It was pretty amusing. XP
Then, we all went back in the water to splash some more, this time, attempting to piggyback each other in the water... It was hilarious watching them try. Nobody succeeded in piggybacking or being piggybacked, but Jera-chan managed to accidentally leap frog over people several times. I couldn't stop laughing. XD XD
Deciding that we might as well have more food, Sun Min and Zare went back to the car to grab the cooler, while us ladies dried off to stay warm. The moment they were out of sight, it suddenly started getting super windy, so we started to put away the parasol, pack stuff away... It was about 3 PM or so, and we just packed everything away, just in time for the storm to hit. When Sun Min and Zare returned, it started to drizzle, so we all hurried to head back to the car(poor guys; they lugged the heavy cooler for nothing). By the time we reached the car, it was raining. But there were huge trees sheltering us from the rain, and we were parked at Chiya-chan's friend's cottage, so we entered the cottage, just in time to avoid the big storm that hit. It pissed down like no tomorrow, outside. We all looked like drowned rats, but whatever~ It was a nice adventure of sorts, and the warm cottage was super cozy. We ate the hotdogs that I made for GADD, and had the rest of the donuts and juice. Jazu-chan offered us pistachio nuts, which we gladly ate. :3 After playing a round of Crazy Eights and taking mandatory group pictures, the storm had passed, so we headed out again, agreeing to head back into Toronto in time for dinner.
The drive back was awful; we got stuck on the highway 'cause it was rush hour and there are always traffic jams during rush hour. I was literally falling asleep behind the wheel 'cause we were going so slow. x.x Thankfully, we made it to Kelsey's all in one piece. :)
That day, there was a fun phrase that Jera-chan said that morning; the weather was cold for a beach day, so she said, "It can't get worse." ....Then it started raining while we drove there, and Sun Min said, "It just got worse." ...........When the storm hit later, we were all like, "Well, it got worse!" ...Wahahaha. But the day was awesome, still.

Dinner at Kelsey's x Yonge KaraokeCollapse )
That night, I drove everyone to Sun Min's place(he'd drive them all home), and we all had a last GADD hug. Got home at around 1 AM. Pretty much, the outing lasted over 15 hours. *laughs*
Needless to say, my last farewell party ended with a BANG. 8D 8D 8D ♥

Anime North 2011 - Sunday 29th

alhgnywshglksdhgp;sldghalg I FORGOT ABOUT LJ AGAIN. XD XD XD;;;;;
Uhhh, yeahhh. Sunday of Anime North. ^^;;;;;;; <-going to speed through the update.

Morning of Sunday 29th, I headed over to Crown Plaza hotel to get dressed in my Marta costume. Afterwards, I headed over to Sheraton hotel to read a few volumes at the manga library. Then, I got super hungry and ended up having a steak for lunch Boston Pizza, by myself. Super amusing 'cause I'm some random cosplaying girl, digging into a steak at lunch time, by herself... Haha. XP
After lunch, I went back to MTCC Etrog room to watch more AMVs... Got so tired that I fell asleep. ._.,,
Later, however, I woke up in time to join Jera-chan for the Tales photoshoot at the front of MTCC. After the Tales shoot, I ran into Bubba-kun, Ami-chan, Tou-chan and Kyoko-chan! Within the same area, we ran into Tora-kun and Pin-kun from JISA, too. Lots of picture taken ensued(among us and other cosplayers).
Pin-kun took a pic of me in my Marta cosplay(from Tales of Symphonia):

...We saw an AWESOME Durarara cosplay- Shizuo and a vending machine.
They made the vending machine. OMG, epicness. Even better yet, Shizuo attacked Izaya with said vending machine. XD XD XD
Durarara lulz x Vocaloid group x Epic Background Dude lulzCollapse )
Bubba-tachi and I ended up walking around Artist Alley for a bit, and then I deemed myself too sleepy and tired, so I had to head back to the hotel to shower(again, to save time and so that others have a chance at the shower after I'm done).
Dinner was at Swiss Chalet, and it was awesome. *_* I really like that yearly AN tradition of having a group dinner~ You get to catch up with everyone, socialize, and it just feels nice. ♥
Later on that night, Edo-kun and I had dessert at Perkins. I had a strawberry shake that consisted of four scoops of strawberry ice cream. ._____.,,, Wow, that day, I ate soooo much! Steak and mashed potatoes for lunch, chicken and ribs for dinner, followed by a four-scoop ice cream shake. O_o;;;;; <-glutton.
The night ended with me sleeping at about 2 AM or so. Sooo great that I didn't have work the next day~ I got to relax! 8D

All in all, Anime North was wonderful and was the best weekend in 2011, so far. X3 I have to say, it'd be extremely hard to top this amazing weekend. :3


...Just so you guys know, I'm a lot more happier now. I'm okay again. :)

This is a really short update before I head out to a Halloween party. I have so much to blab about, but that'll have to wait till after I get back home on Sunday. *laughs* XD;;;;

For those of you who haven't seen it, WATCH IT NOW~~ >8D

"WHOOSH! Hahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!"
*laughs ass off*
Wow, in my haste to upload photos and reply comments on FB, I almost forgot about LJ. O_o;;
Ummm... I hardly remember the order in which my family and I visited, in terms of places in Tokyo. .____.,,,
After Harajuku and Shibuya, the next day, we went to Akihabara(with my Japanese York friend, Taka-chan) to check out anime merchandise. Maaad expensive. =A=;;;;
Next, after Taka-chan went off to work, we continued to Asakusa, where Japanese souvenirs and traditional stuff was sold. I bought a yukata~ :D :D The shrine there was really beautiful, too. ^o^/ That night, we went to Roppongi to see the city view of Tokyo, and visit the Art Museum as well. :)

Next day, due to the entire family having extremely sore/blistered feet from too much walking(10 AM to 10 PM) for days, we decided to take a break and stay in Ikebukuro. This turned into a rather epic day anyway... BECAUSE THE WORLD IS SMALL. And I mean absurdly small- It was so coincidental, even Naruto wouldn't believe it. ._.
...So we were having breakfast. I saw two boys and their mom, and they were speaking English. House Ikebukuro is known to house international tourists/visitors, so it wasn't surprising. Out of curiosity, I asked the mother where they came from...
Kuro: So where are you guys from? :)
Lady: Oh, we're from Canada! :D
Kuro: Oh, really?! Us, too! We live near Toronto~
Lady: Haha, really? We live in Richmond Hill. ^^
Kuro: OMG, us, too!!!! We live at Bayview and Briggs! :O
Lady: OMG, we're neighbours!!!!! We live at Blackmore!!! 8O
(So then, my parents came in and I told them that the family lives at Blackmore, which is less than ten minutes away from our street; one street north of Briggs.)
Mom: Wow, the world is so small!
Lady: Where have you visited, this trip?
Dad: Before we came to Japan, we were in San Francisco. My sister lives there. :D
Man: What a coincidence! My sister lives in Los Altos!
Dad: Mine, too!!!! :O :O
........................Talk about a super-small world. Who would've thought that we'd run into Richmond Hill people in Japan, of all places. ._. Even more amusing, was that after the lady found out that I tutor French, her husband got my cell/home number, so that I could tutor their sons, who were headed for IB programs in the coming school year. Duuuuude. o_o;;

The rest of the day was spent lounging around in our bedroom, enjoying Japanese TV and AC. To add to the amusement, that night, while we were having an afternoon snack, two foreign couples were in the kitchen as well, along with a Taiwanese girl... And then the epic-ness began again. What happened was that one of the couples had mistaken 'low mein'(a kind of noodle that you mix in sauce) for soup noodles, so the Taiwanese girl was trying to explain to them how 'low mein' was prepared. Unfortunately, her English was terrible and my dad tried to help... But apparently, the couple didn't speak much English, and asked if anyone spoke French. So I ended up translating Chinese to French for them. It's funny because I'd gone to Japan, prepared to speak Japanese(and I did, asking for directions and details on merchandise, ordering food, etc)... But I hadn't expected to speak French to a French couple from France. ._. It made me very happy and warm inside, when they commented that I spoke French very well. X3 Kyaaa~ v
...Did I mention that the Taiwanese girl turned out to be a yaoi fangirl?! We spoke in Japanese 'cause my Mandarin sucks and she's fluent in Japanese... It all started with her taking notice that R-chan was playing Subarashiki Kono Sekai (The World Ends With You), and she started talking to me... We fangirled really hard over yaoi pairings, Square Enix games and various topics. And being 26 years old, she likes young boys and find them 'moe'... And she said, "Jitsu wa~ Kare wa atashi no TYPE desu!" <-apparently, my bro is her type(......... =A=;;;;;;). XD XD;;;;;

The following days, we went to Odaiba(visited lots of places, along with an anime/manga merchandise store, where I bought a Chopper towel) and Yokohama(moar sight-seeing and the prettiest Chinatown I'd ever seen).
Friday, the last day in Japan, was spent with Ishi-san, my dad's roommate(when he studied in Japan), who took us to an onsen place. Sooo relaxing and awesome. That night, the group met up with Tsuko-san as well, and we went to obscure places for skewers(chicken, chicken heart, organs, etc), alcohol(...They had some sort of 25% vodka-like drink that they mix with 5% beer), teppanyaki and more alcohol(this time, I had plum sake, which is also high in alcohol percentage). In fact, I drank so much(and too fast) that I almost passed out while walking in the subway station. According to my family, my lips had turned white and my face was so pale, my mom and bro were scared out of their minds. *laughs weakly* Luckily, I didn't pass out and water fixed the problem. :P
That night, more epic international moments ensued. I ran into yet another French man in the kitchen... He ended up conversing to a Spanish couple in Spanish, and I was also included into the conversation because I understood Spanish and spoke French as well. Ehehehe, I love being able to speak different languages. Suddenly, people are a lot more friendlier and happier to conve
rse with you. :D :D :D <-ended up speaking English, Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, French and Spanish in Japan, of all places. XD XD;;;

And so concluded my stay in Japan. Now I'm in Hong Kong. I'll be in HK for two weeks. :) Vacation pics(I took hundreds and posted 70% of them) can be seen on my Facebook~ ^o^/
I forgot to recap for Pat-niichan's birthday BBQ event, from before I left Canada, but whatever. Long story short, the beginning was awkward; everyone didn't know each other(there were over 20 of us, I think). We all introduced ourselves... Still feeling awkward, I did the Awkward Turtle hand gesture to Tousaka and someone recognized it... And that broke the ice 'cause we finally had something in common with Hyuu-kun and some of the other guys. *laughs* The rest of the BBQ event was great; we all conversed and when I got home, I added most of the people from the party on FB. :)

So I arrived in San Francisco on August 7th, Sunday. The next day, I met my parents' friends, blahblahblah (as mentioned in the last post)...
August 9th(Monday) was interesting. H-san(parents' friend) drove my family and I to Napa Valley, headed for the Castello di Amorosa (a famous winery castle). We had lunch at Downtown in Napa, at a Mexican restaurant called Armadillo's. Everybody ate too much, and I think that meal has scared my parents away from Mexican food for at least half a year. Too much beef, cheese and beans for their taste. ^^;; Arriving at the Castello di Amorosa, I took shit-tons of pictures there and tried ten different types of wine there, as well. *laughs* R-chan made friends with the cats that 'roamed' the place, as the bartender put it. They were named Lancelot and Guinevere. X3
...There were fields and fields and moar fields of vineyards wherever we drove, in Napa Valley... Makes you wonder just how long it took for farmers to plant every single grape vine. O_o;;
That night, we had dinner with H-san and his family, along with Riku-jisan(uncle), Peru-neesan(older cousin sister) and Rin-basan(aunt). Shit-tons of seafood followed. :P

The next day was even more interesting. I've been waking up at roughly 8:30 AM consecutively for the past few days, due to outings with my family and their friends. Tuesday was no exception. *laughs weakly* But hey, the morning started off well enough- Edi-san(family friend again) drove us to this really famous bakery, where I had the most amazing chocolate eclair, ever. With a latte. *_* Kekekeke. Caffeine and sugar always makes me happy~ Coffee and sugar is the best combination! ^o^/
Next, we drove around Downtown San Francisco, Lombard street... OMG. The scenery was EPIC. *0* The sloping streets reminded me of those scenes in Inception, where the streets went perpendicular to each other... Of course, the slopes at Lombard weren't perpendicular, but they were ridiculously loooong and steep. The zig-zagging downhill road surrounded by greenery was really awesome, too. :D
Afterwards, we visited Pier 39, which is of course, near a harbour... But the main stuff was pretty much a giant market place for tourists. There were a lot of special shops and restaurants that were pretty hardcore. "Lefty's"(a store for left-handed people), "We Be Knives"(guess what they sell?), "Crab House", "Houdini's Magic Shop", "Treasure Ireland", "Candy Baron", etc.
We had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant- Not Pho. *laughs* The food was maaad interesting. It involved raw beef wrapping nuts+onions+parsley+some sort of lemony sauce and whatnot, baked mussels, and catfish wrapped in rice paper (with bayleaf, gelatin, more veggies and a pinkish vinaigrette of some sort). Pretty unique lunch, right there. :)
Our next destination was maaad amusing... The gay district in Downtown. I gawked, upon seeing the rainbow flags. I didn't know my family was this open~ We strolled down the streets, passing lots of stores... "Rock Hard"(a gay porn store), "Hand Job"(nails and spa), "The Sausage Factory"(a pizzeria restaurant), "Sliders Diner"(it has a logo of a car impaling a cheeseburger...), "A Taste of Leather"(...they sell leather...)... And various other shops. XD;;;;
Continuing our way up a huge mountain, we ended up taking moar pics at Coit Tower. I don't quite get what's special about this tower, aside from the fact that it's really high up on a mountain and you can see the sea... >.>;;
We then drove to San Jose(.......). And visited the Downtown area, there... Ideal for shopping... If you're rich. XD XD;;; They had all the brand-name stores all concentrated in an area... Banana Republic, Coach, Prada, Victoria's Secret, Boutique Harajuku, blahblahblah... Window shopping was amusing. XP
Dinner was at Pasta Pomodoro. We all had awesome, awesome pasta. I had Penne Portobello(with chicken and sausage), dad had Vongole(clam linguini in white wine sauce), mom and Edi-san had Frutti de Mare(seafood angel hair pasta in light tomato sauce), and R-chan had Conchiglie Gamberi(pasta shells with shrimp in alfredo sauce). I'm not a huge pasta fan, but that restaurant was amazing. *_* <-tried everyone's food.

*coughs* Uh, yeah. That's how my trip has been, so far. :3 Gonna try not to eat so much, for the next few days. ^^;;;;; Going to stay in California until this Friday~ Wonder how the rest of the week is going to be like... :P

+ I took hundreds of pics, during the past few days... They'll mostly be up on Facebook. It's been taking me forever just to upload them from my camera, resize them, name them and post them up with descriptions. XD XD;;


G20 Protest (news). :P

...For those of you who don't watch the news, the G20 Protest thing going on in Toronto have been pretty crazy... ;;;;;;; Smashed windows, burning police cars, etc...



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